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Figure 4

From: Experience-dependent persistent expression of zif268during rest is preserved in the aged dentate gyrus

Figure 4

The behaviorally-induced pattern of zif268 transcription is recapitulated during subsequent rest in the DG. In both immediate (white) and delay (grey) conditions, the percentage of granule cells transcribing zif268 during both exploration and rest (i.e., expressing zif268 within both the nucleus and surrounding cytoplasm) is greater than expected by random chance (black), although significantly more cells are active during both rest and exploration in the delay condition in the suprapyramidal blade (all data are mean ± SEM; *p < 0.01 vs. random chance; † p < 0. 01 immediate vs. delay, ‡ p < 0.05 infrapyramidal vs. suprapyramidal blades).

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