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Figure 2

From: Activation of peripheral nerve fibers by electrical stimulation in the sole of the foot

Figure 2

Geometry of the finite element model (FEM), and examples of the morphology in the nerve model. A The model was rotationally symmetric about the z-axis. The dorsum of the foot is the top of the model and the sole is the bottom. The geometry shown is for site 1. B – The location of the three modeled sites on the sole of the foot. C Examples of the morphology of one Aβ fiber and one Aδ fiber. The fiber morphologies were randomly generated. The nodes of Ranvier are indicated by the filled circles, but the diameters of the fibers are not to scale. Note the larger internode length for the Aβ fiber. D Detailed view of the morphology of the Aδ nerve plexus and intraepidermal nerve fibers (IENFs). The internode length for the IENFs was reduced to 1 μm to simulate the loss of myelin in the epidermis. Note that the aspect ratio of D was not maintained to improve visualization of the IENFs.

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