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Table 2 Accuracy data for each of the three Stroop cards, separate for first and second born twins (sample size is given in brackets).

From: Heritability of Stroop and flanker performance in 12-year old children

Card type Number of errors, first born twins (136) Number of errors, second born twins (135) Number of corrections, first born twins (136) Number of corrections, second born twins (135)
Card 1 .19 .19 .24 .27
Card 2 .61 .51 1.42 1.74
Card 3 1.32 1.44 3.15 3.36
  1. Shown are the mean number of errors (the wrong item is named, or an item is skipped), and the number of corrections (the wrong item is named, but the subject immediately corrects himself afterwards). Note: the sample size is somewhat smaller than for the completion times because accuracy was not recorded with some subjects.