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Figure 3

From: Calponin is expressed by subpopulations of connective tissue cells but not olfactory ensheathing cells in the neonatal olfactory mucosa

Figure 3

Calponin is not expressed in embryonic tissue. The olfactory mucosa was immunolabeled with antibodies to identify A) ORNs (TUJ1-red, Fn-green, DAPI-blue), B) connective tissue (Fn-red, calponin-green, DAPI-blue), C) OECs (p75NTR-red, calponin-green, DAPI-blue) and D) control tissue omitting the primary antibody. Images were obtained using the confocal microscope. The embryonic olfactory mucosa lacked any calponin immunoreactivity even though it expressed other markers which defined the OECs and connective tissue seen in the P7 olfactory mucosa.

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