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Figure 5

From: Calponin is expressed by subpopulations of connective tissue cells but not olfactory ensheathing cells in the neonatal olfactory mucosa

Figure 5

Fibroblast- like cells from the olfactory system and sciatic nerve express calponin. Neonatal olfactory bulb (A, B) and the sciatic nerve (C, D) were dissociated to obtain purified fibroblast-like cell cultures respectively. A, C) Purified fibroblast-like cultures from the olfactory bulb (A) and sciatic nerve (C) expressed calponin immunoreactivity (green) with typical fibrous appearance. B, D) Purified fibroblast-like cells immunolabeled for the connective tissue markers Thy1.1 (red) and α-SMA (green) in both olfactory bulb (B) and sciatic nerve (D). Colocalisation of both markers with calponin was shown for sciatic nerve fibroblasts. All images were obtained using a fluorescent microscope.

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