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Table 2 trpa-1 construct lines assayed for TTCs

From: Neuro-genetic plasticity of Caenorhabditis elegans behavioral thermal tolerance

Straina Construct Genetics Explanation
RB1052 trpa-1(ok999) trpa-1 knockout mutant
TQ1643 XuEx601 XuEx601[Pges-1::trpa-1::SL2::yfp + Punc-122::DsRed] Gut promotor overexpression
TQ1648 XuEx606 XuEx606[Prgef-1::trpa-1::SL2::yfp + Punc-122::DsRed] Neural promotor over expression
TQ2706 XuEx619 and XuEx735 trpa-1(ok999); lin-15; xuEx735[Pges-1::trpa-1::SL2::mcherry2 + Punc-122delta::yfp]; xuEx19[Plfe-2L::GCaMP1.3 + Plfe-2L::DsRed2b + lin-15(+)] trpa-1 rescued with own genomic DNA promotor
  1. aXiao et al. (2013); We tested strain TQ2706 as a trpa-1 rescue using our own upstream genomic promotor. Lines with constructs XuEx601 and XuEx606 were backcrossed separately to strain RB1052 to create tissue-specific trpa-1 rescue lines, confirmed by PCR and fluorescence